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Student Resource Page

Welcome to ARCC's new Student Resource Page! Listed below are a range of campus organizing tools and resources, which are free to use and distribute. (They are all PDF files, unless otherwise stated.)

These and other resources are also available on our Synergy website. Please check it out! (Student & Youth Network for Reproductive Justice).

"Dear Reproductive Freedom Fighter" - Please read the intro letter that explains the tools and resources below!

Need help or advice? If you have any questions, or need help or advice on any aspect of campus organizing or pro-choice/anti-choice activity on campuses, please send an email to the attention of our "Student Network Coordinator" at info@arcc-cdac.ca.  Also, if you are unable to print the resources yourself, we can arrange to send you limited numbers of colour hardcopies on glossy paper.

How to Establish a Pro-Choice Group on Campus -
Learn the basics for starting and running your own pro-choice group on campus!  This 34-page handbook explains how to determine if your campus needs one, how to structure it, recruit members, run meetings, carry out activities, raise funds, and sustain your group. (Researched and written by a Simon Fraser University student on behalf of ARCC-CDAC.)

Information Sheets and Brochures
Pro-Choice Backgrounder - Explains the meaning of pro-choice, the current status of abortion rights and access in Canada and globally, and legal threats to access in Canada. Advocating for choice requires an understanding of how access to safe and legal abortion is part of broader sexual and reproductive human rights that are fundamental for all women, and how that struggle is ongoing in Canada and around the world.

Snappy Answers to Spicy Questions - A Q&A to help you navigate through the sensitive issue of why students' unions are not obligated to fund and provide space for anti-choice groups.

The Anti-Choice Position - Briefly describes key anti-choice arguments, the Canadian groups that promote these beliefs, and the tactics they use. Understanding the arguments made by anti-choice groups that advocate for greater control of women's sexuality through the crimialization of abortion makes it easier to effectively counter their messaging.

Brochure: "Ten Lies the Anti-Choice are Telling You About Abortion" - Combat anti-choice misinformation with these rebuttals to 10 common lies. Make multiple copies of this brochure by printing it out on 8.5" x 14" paper, in colour, double-sided. Fold them and distribute them at your events and information tables.

Pro-Choice Stickers and Buttons - Print out these pro-choice slogans on glossy sticker paper, or print and cut them out to make 1.5" round buttons. Labour unions, women's groups, or non-profit groups might have a button-making machine you can borrow - ask around!

Pro-Choice Posters - Three colourful posters (11 x 17) that can be printed out and attached to posterboard, or professionally printed onto poster stock. Choose from:
"My Body My Choice" "Reproductive Rights are Human Rights" "It's Pro-Choice or No Choice"

Chants & Cheers - A list of popular pro-choice chants and cheers you can shout out at rallies and demonstrations. Print this sheet out in multiple copies, cut them in half, and hand out to participants.

Resource Lists
Pro-Choice Organisations - A list of the major pro-choice groups in Canada, the U.S., and internationally, including their website and email addresses.

Community Health Groups in Ontario -  A listing of women's centres, public health clinics, sexual health clinics, and family planning clinics in Ontario. (We are working on creating listings for other provinces, please check back!)

Pro-Choice Films - A list of pro-choice films and documentaries. Hand out as a resource, or host a film night or film festival! Some of these can be found at your local video store, while others will need to be ordered. (Ordering information for most of them can be found here: www.abortionfilms.org.)