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Tribute to Dr. George Tiller

by Libby Davies, Member of Parliament, Vancouver East
June 18, 2009

Dear Friends,

I’m sorry I cannot attend the rally this evening, as I’m still in Ottawa, but I do want to send my support and solidarity to everyone here tonight, and to pay tribute to the life and courageous work of Dr. Tiller.

He is a hero to countless women, whose lives he saved, whose rights he supported, and for which he sacrificed his own life. He was a wonderful man and the tragedy of his death is an outrage to everything that is just and humane in our society.

As we grieve this loss, may we also strengthen our determination and solidarity to stand together for women’s reproductive rights, that they be upheld legally and politically in Canada and around the world. We will not allow the Conservative Government in Ottawa to deny women reproductive rights and access to safe, legal abortions. We will not let the clock be turned back.

Some of the most remarkable and courageous women and men of our time have come from the pro-choice movement. We celebrate their commitment and compassion. Dr. Tiller will never be forgotten, as he symbolizes the best of humanity in his 30 years of dedicated work.

In solidarity,

Libby Davies
Member of Parliament
Vancouver East