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Abortion Politics

#50 - Abortion and the Conservative Party

#51 - Free Votes, Private Members' Bills, and Abortion

#54 - Abortion Law and Policy: U.S./Canadian Comparisons

#56 - Fetal Insurance Law
Based on a specific case, the Alberta government passed a law enabling lawsuits to be filed against insurance companies for injuries suffered by a fetus in a car accident. But hard cases make bad law, and this law sets a dangerous precedent that makes a pregnant woman liiable for harm caused to her fetus.

#57 - The Case Against a "Fetal Homicide" Law

Five recent murder cases in have involved a pregnant woman being murdered by a male partner or boyfriend, and some have urged that the perpetrator be charged with two homicides – of both the woman and her fetus. This article explains why creating such a law would be an unconsti-tutional infringement on women’s rights, and would likely result in harms against pregnant women.

#58 - The Injustice and Harms of Parental Consent Laws for Abortion

The evidence demonstrates that if a parental consent law for abortion was passed by any Canadian province or territory, it would contravene and reverse current medical policies and ethics around the consent of minors to healthcare, violate their constitutional rights to bodily security and privacy, and increase risks to their health and safety.

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