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Countering Anti-Choice Misinformation and Harassment

#70 - Abortion and Breast Cancer - After evaluating current, reliable evidence on the subject, ARCC, in agreement with all reputable medical associations, believes there is no link between abortion and the development of breast cancer.

#71 - Abortion and the Hippocratic Oath - Anti-choice reliance on the Hippocratic Oath's supposed ban on abortion is based on a narrow and historically inaccurate understanding of the Oath.

#72 - Analyzing the Genocide Awareness Project - Describes the history and current examples of anti-choice display and distribution of graphic images that allegedly show aborted fetuses, sometimes in comparison to actual victims of genocide.

#73 - Anti-choice Violence and Harassment - Describes the history of anti-choice violence, with info on all incidents of murders, attempted murders, arsons, assaults, and other violence by "pro-life" activists in Canada and the U.S.

#75 - Anti-abortion "Counselling" Agencies - Many agencies that counsel pregnant women are actually anti-abortion Christian ministries. Their main goal is to stop women from having abortions.

#80 - Why Anti-choice Groups Should Not Have Charitable Tax Status - About 192 anti-abortion groups in Canada have charitable tax status. This paper lays out all the reasons their charitable tax status should be revoked.

#81 - Anti-choice Violence vs. "Pro-choice Violence" - Anti-choice people sometimes claim that pro-choice people are violent. This paper shows why alleged "pro-choice violence" is a propaganda tool that has nothing in common with anti-choice terrorism.

#82 - Anti-Choice “Crisis Pregnancy Centres” Should Not Be Charities - The mission and activities of anti-choice counselling agencies are inherently political and biased, and should therefore be disqualified from charitable status.

#83 - "Crisis Pregnancy Centres” and Sonography: Their non-medical use of ultrasound requires regulation - CPCs use non-medical ultrasounds as an opportunity to manipulate women into continuing with their pregnancies, but this can cause serious harm. Non-medical use of ultrasound should be better regulated or prohibited.