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Countering Anti-Choice Misinformation and Harassment

#70 - Abortion and Breast Cancer

ARCC accepts the statement issued by the National Cancer Institute following a 2003 conference on “Early Reproductive Events and Breast Cancer”, that “it is well-established that therapeutic abortion is not associated with an increased risk of breast cancer.”  This statement is supported by such reputable organizations as The Canadian Cancer Society, The Society of Gynecologic Oncologists of Canada and The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada.   To ignore the findings of these organizations tells us that anti-choice groups are more concerned with preventing women from having abortions than protecting their health.

#71 - Abortion and the Hippocratic Oath

The Hippocratic Oath, which dates back to somewhere between 460 – 377 BC, is today a symbolic ritual in which most medical school graduates no longer participate.  The oath does not support a ban on all forms of abortions.  ARCC agrees with those medical schools that have revised and modernized the oath to reflect society’s evolving values, changing laws, and new medical technologies.  Those opposed to legal abortion simply ignore modern ethics and embrace an inaccurate version of the Oath in order to legitimate their particular view of abortion.

#73 - Anti-choice Violence and Harassment

#75 - Anti-abortion “Counseling” Agencies 
Many agencies that counsel pregnant women are actually anti-abortion Christian ministries. Their main goal is to stop women from having abortions. Studies have shown that most of these agencies misinform and try to intimidate women out of having abortions. 

#80 - Why Anti-choice Groups Should Not Have Charitable Tax Status 

About 190 anti-abortion groups in Canada have charitable tax status (compared to a handful of pro-choice groups).  This paper explains why we believe that anti-abortion groups inherently do not qualify for charitable tax status.

#81 - Anti-choice Violence vs. "Pro-choice Violence"

The consequences of terminating pregnancy are far less violent than the consequences of the anti-choice agenda.  The "pro life" movement has bombed clinics and murdered abortion providers, they try to force women to carry unwanted pregnancies, and their misinformation misleads, confuses, and frightens women who are already in difficult situations.

#82 - Anti-Choice “Crisis Pregnancy Centres” Should Not Be Charities
The mission and activities of anti-choice counselling agencies, or “crisis pregnancy centres”, are inherently political and biased, and should therefore be disqualified from charitable status.

#83 - "Crisis Pregnancy Centres” and Sonography: Their non-medical use of ultrasound requires regulation

Anti-choice counselling centers in Canada are increasingly making use of non-medical ultrasounds to try to persuade women out of abortion. But ultrasound scans should only be used when there is a medical reason to do so; otherwise health risks to both women and fetuses can result. ARCC calls upon the provincial governments of Canada to regulate or prohibit the non-medical use of ultrasounds in CPCs, and to ensure women facing unwanted pregnancies receive competent medical care.


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