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Can You Help Us Stop Government Funding of
"Crisis Pregnancy Centres"?

March 2017 

Please take a few moments to send a letter to a government agency that has funded an anti-choice CPC, and ask them to stop! Then bookmark this page and check back each week for a new letter to send to another agency. Thank you!  

ARCC's "Letter of the Week" campaign is sending targeted letters to specific government officials to make them aware that CPCs have been obtaining grants from their agency, and to explain why CPCs should not be getting any funding at all. 

# 4 - Letter of the Week, March 19 Haldimand County (Haldimand Pregnancy Care Centre) To Mayor Ken Hewitt, municipality of Haldimand County in southern Ontario.

# 3 - Letter of the Week, March 12 Canada Summer Jobs Program (Priests for Life).

# 2 - Letter of the Week, March 5
BC Community Gaming Grants (Pregnancy Care Centre Society of Kamloops).

# 1 - Letter of the Week, February 26 -
Canada Summer Jobs Program
. (CPCs)

Background One of the recommendations of ARCC's study last May, which examined the websites of "crisis" pregnancy centres" (CPCs) in Canada, was to take steps to end the funding of CPCs by government agencies. After extensive research into government funding of CPCs, we published our results in a January 11, 2017 press release: "Anti-Abortion Agencies Get Millions in Government Funding".  Out of the 112 CPCs with charitable tax status, 58 received about $3.5 million in government funding from 2011 to 2015. Here is a list of the government grants received by CPCs. We have since uncovered more government funding of CPCs, including for 2016, and also funding of other anti-choice groups besides CPCs. 


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